Józef Tomczyk Band

by | Apr 4, 2018

The band has played together since 1993, today its members are: Józef Tomczyk (b. 1940 in Mroczki Wielkie, Kalisz region, Szczytniki commune) – fiddle, Zenon Lipiński (b. 1941 in Dąbrowa) – drum, and until 2015 the late Stanisław Szafirowicz who played the harmonia. Józef Tomczyk admits he is a self-taught musician, because nobody in his family was interested in music. As a six-year old, he made his first fiddle of a piece of wood board and wire, yet it bothered him that the instrument would not tune. So he would observe older musicians, listen to them play by the window. As an adult, he played at weddings, but when it came out of fashion, he stopped performing altogether. Later on, he participated in many local and national traditional music contests. In 2004 he won the first prize at the Festival of Folk Bands and Vocalists in Kazimierz Dolny. A few years ago he went through a serious illness that limited his physical ability. However, thanks to the love of music, perseverance, and support of his wife, Jadwiga, Józef Tomczyk carries on, keeps playing and is getting better every month. His music is original rhythm-wise and characterized by unique bowing style.

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