by | Apr 4, 2018

The Krajka ensemble was founded in 2011 in Przemyśl by students of the Ukrainian-speaking Markyan Shashkyevych junior middle school. For them multivocal singing has been a long-established family tradition. At first fascinated by the folclore of Polesia and Dnieper land, the young people have also reached for the stock of songs from the home of their forefathers, the Polish-Ukrainian boderlands. The ensemple has recorded two albums. The debut album, Крайка в гостях – Від Сяну до Дону (Krayka visiting. From San to Don, 2015) received the third prize in the Fonogram Źródeł competition organised by the Polish Radio broadcasting station Program II. The second album called Крайка. Вдома (Krayka. At home, 2016) got an honourable mention at the same competition the following year.

Tatiana Harasym, Maryna Leskiw, Daria Pulkowska, Aleksandra Steć, Jarosław Cikuj, Piotr Komar, Jarema Leskiw
Guest appearance by: Katarzyna Bunda, Natalia Kich

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