by | Mar 25, 2019

This all-female vocal ensemble was founded by Maria Siwiec in 2012 in Gałki Rusinowskie, a small village not far from Opoczno in the Mazovia region. All the ladies from Gołcunecki have been singers since childhood and preserve the local mazurka singing tradition. Their repertoire comprises a wide range of folk songs connected with different rites, customs, and religious celebrations. They also perform characteristic local tunes called wyrywasy. They demonstrate extraordinary voice timbre, rhythm, phrasing and lyrics. Gołcunecki won the Gold Tower prize at the 47th National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny in 2013.

Singers: Maria Siwiec, Jadwiga Dziedzic, Zofia Kucharczyk, Maria Oracz, Maria Pęzik, Maria Rokicka.

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