Donja Jeka

by | Mar 29, 2024

Vocal trio – Joanna Skowrońska (PL), Marta Derejczyk (PL) and Barbara Majnarić (CRO) – joined together by love for older layers of traditional singing styles and vocal forms.
On Festiwal Wszystkie Mazurki Świata they will be performing songs from their project “Sun Songs”. Sun as a motif in these songs appears in different contexts and functions; from ritual; harvest and “ladarske” songs (ritual procession in which young girls sing songs connected to arrival of spring), songs thematizing love, social topics and everyday life, to mythological and storytelling forms. Geographically, most of the songs belong to the wider Posavina region, which surrounds river Sava. Most of the songs are from the archives and do not belong to the “living tradition” anymore. The project is influenced by collections of researchers such as Stjepan Stipanov and Vinko Žganec

Fot. Sylwia Bukowicka

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