Sławomir Czekalski

by | Apr 2, 2024

Accordion player of the Dobrzeliniacy band, born in 1944 in Wola Popowa, Kutno poviat. He plays the Polish three-row, 120-bass accordion. His repertoire is filled with kujawiak, kujon and oberek pieces, including melodies performed by the legendary accordion player from Dobrzelin, Adam Radzymiński. He started playing at the age of 17, and was taught by his father in whose band he played the drum.

Dobrzeliniacy received numerous awards, including first place in the Kazimierz Dolny National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers’ best band category (2003 and 2015). The group also received the national Kolberg Award for their contributions to folk culture (2005).

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