by | Apr 2, 2024

Kożuch band was founded in 2011. The collective came to life because of the musicians’ passion for the melodies of the borderline between two regions – Łęczyca and Łowicz districts. This is where Kożuch’s music guides come from – the violin player Tadeusz Kubiak, and the accordion player Sławomir Czekalski. The repertoire of the group also includes melodies from Opoczno, Sieradz, and Rawa districts.

The group receives praises and awards – in 2012, they won first place in the reconstructed folklore category at the Kazimierz Dolny National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers. In 2016, they received the Grand Prix of the Polish Radio’s New Tradition folk festival. On the same year, they released their debut album Idzie burza.

Kożuch is made up of:
Joanna Gancarczyk – bass, singing
Maria Stępień – violin
Marcin Lorenc – violin
Jakub Korona – baraban drum, singing

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