Fundacja Wszystkie Mazurki Świata
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Siedziba Orkiestry Sinfonia Varsovia
ul. Grochowska 272, 03-849 Warszawa


Apr 27 2018


12:00 - 14:00

Tambourine – lab, Maciej Żurek

Drum inspirations session with Maciej Żurek

Instructor – Maciej Żurek
The meeting is open to all willing drummers regardless of their subjectively considered skill level.

Not a workshop or a training, more of an inspiration for beginning drummers. The subject of our interest is the frame drum. We listen to it with a violinist’s ear and try to decipher what it means to “drum to the back” and “drum to the front”. We try to distinguish shifts within a bar and how they relate to the violin, bearing in mind what Jan Gaca used to say: “Every mazurka is drummed differently.”

Venue: Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, the old Veterinary Studies building, address: Grochowska 272. The building is overdue for renovation and not heated. At the time of the festival the walls are still chilled from wintertime.

Workshop fees: Each entry is 10 PLN. Tickets are available at the festival information desk in the main lobby of Centrum Promocji Kultury, address: Podskarbińska 2

No enrolment in advance is necessary.

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