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Siedziba Orkiestry Sinfonia Varsovia
ul. Grochowska 272, 03-849 Warszawa


Apr 26 2018


12:00 - 14:00


10 zł

Tambourine – basics

Instructor – Katarzyna Rosik
The workshop is open to everyone who wants to learn the basics of tambourine drumming.

Workshop devoted to the basics of playing tambourine: how to handle it safely and ergonomically, what techniques to apply and most of all – mazurka rhythms. The know-how comes from field research and observation of the drumming styles of traditional musicians from the vicinity of Przysucha.

Katarzyna Rosik
From 2008 she has researched traditional culture and music of Polish countryside in different regions. She has learned to sing, dance and play tambourine from masters of music craft. She feels particularly close to the music from Kajoki micro region, which she got to know through field research, meetings with musicians and active participation in local musical events.
In 2016 she carried out a research and dissemination project called “Bębnisto, chodźcie też” which focused on learning and disseminating knowledge about cultural context and styles of drumming. She owes much to meeting Stefan Gaca, Józef Lipiński, Józef Tarnowski and Jan Fokt the Younger.

Venue: Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra, the old Veterinary Studies building, address: Grochowska 272. The building is overdue for renovation and not heated. At the time of the festival the walls are still chilled from wintertime.

Workshop fees: Each entry is 10 PLN. Tickets are available at the festival information desk in the main lobby of Centrum Promocji Kultury, address: Podskarbińska 2

No enrolment in advance is necessary.

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