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Apr 25 2019


11:00 - 13:00

Songs from Milatycze near Lviv

Conducted by: singers from Kresowianka
Moderators: Ryszard Głogowski, Ewa Grochowska

The singing gathering with Kresowianka ensemble will be devoted to songs of Polish tradition from the village of Milatycze near Lviv. Nowadays these songs are only remembered in the village of Letnin near Pyrzyce in West Pomerania, where many people from Milatycze settled.
We invite especially wholeheartedly people who feel the connection to Borderlands where post-war relocations and migration led to mixing of traditions and communities. The last half-hour of the gathering will be devoted to talking about those areas of cultural identity.

Ryszard Głogowski – teacher, musician, music promoter in West Pomerania. Thanks to him the memory of many talented people who settled in West Pomerania after 1945 has been preserved. He is the music director of Kresowianka regional singing ensemble in Letnin. In 2016 he compiled and published the songbook: Songs from Milatycze near Lviv Preserved in the Hearts He lives in Pyrzyce.

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