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Sep 30 2020


19:00 - 21:00



Roztocze – not so far east

I part
Between. Songs from Roztocze
Led by: Janina Pydo, Janina Chmiel
Singers Ensemble: Ewa Grochowska, Agnieszka Szokaluk – Gorczyca, Ewelina Prokopiuk, Anna Szcześniak,

Agata Turczyn
We are going to sing about everything that is between birth and death, wisdom of old women and uncertainty and hope of the young ones, between maidenhood and marriage, sickness and health, village and city, faith and longing for it, then and now.

Janina Pydo (born in 1930), lives in Zastaw in Roztocze, has been singing since childhood, has a huge repertoire of songs for every occasion. Yanina collaborates with the culture center in Goraj and the Society for Nature and Man in Lublin, she performed on stage with jazz singer Dorota Miśkiewicz at the Jagiellonian Fair. She was featured in books, films, documentaries and TV programs. For many cultural institutions and folklore lovers she is an unquestionable authority on folk singing. She is a truly exceptional woman, singer and housemaker. Her phone number is in address books of many people who come to learn the songs or just have a seat on her porch and talk sharing laughs and kindness.

Janina Chmiel (born in 1937) lives in Wólka Ratajska. She comes from a family of musicians and has been singing since early youth, which was soon after World War II. She learned by listening to older women and fell in love in music. Yanina and her late husband, who was the drummer in a famous band Kapela Dudków, were very good dancers and often presented traditional dances from Janów on television. Yanina has been an inspiration for younger generations of singers. In 2016 she established the school of traditional singing with the help of her students, some of whom are going to sing along with her during the concert. She is a straightforward joyful curious and kind woman.

Ewa Grochowska’s Singing Ensemble is a loose group of women who have been weaving a musical tale for more than 10 years from different songs and stories. The topics of the songs despite social differences are always the same: rites of passage, important moments of life, need for answers to important existential questions and most of all experiencing the power of the sound created and transmitted by human voice.

II part
Instrumental part

Performers: Kapela Butrynów, Warszawsko-Lubelska Orkiestra Dęta

Roztocze is a region resounding with characteristic podróżniaki, polkas and obereks. Where string bands used to rule once, in time brass bands have started to take their place – a musical revolution was unavoidable. The instrumentation and power have changed, the music mostly remained the same. This concert is going to demonstrate permeation of string bands by brass bands finding the traces of familiar tunes.

The concert is going to be partly virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Concert coordinator: Ewa Grochowska

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