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Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe
Podskarbińska 2, Warszawa, Polska


Apr 25 2019 - Apr 26 2019


10:00 - 12:00


10 zł

Violin, music from Kalisz region

Violin workshop – music from Kalisz region.
Instructor – Leon Lewandowski
Moderator – Mateusz Raszewski

The workshop is dedicated to intermediate level violinists, although confident beginners are welcome too. The key requisite ability is to be able to play a short tune by the ear.

The workshop teaches music from the Prosna river basin in Kalisz region. It is a microregion whose eastern part developed slower due to political isolation (is was part of Russian Partition) than the rest of Greater Poland in the west. For this reason it offers a unique experience of old culture. Leon Lewandowski is going to teach wedding repertoire: obereks, owijok and polkas. In the course of the workshop he will explain what owijok is and how two-string bass used to be played.

Instructor Leon Lewandowski (born 1926 in Pałka near Kalisz) is the last of the violinists born before WWII in Kalisz region on Prosna. During WWII he played at weddings in a band with bass, three-row accordion and bereban. He has been considered first rate musician in the area.

Workshop fees – each entry is 10 PLN. Tickets are available at the festival information desk in the main lobby of Centrum Promocji Kultury, address: Podskarbińska 2

Signing up is not required.

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