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Państwowe Muzeum Etnograficzne w Warszawie
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Sep 29 2020


16:00 - 19:00


30/10 zł

Little Mazurkas in the National Ethnographic Museum

Tangled, untangled, weaved”
Framework events plan in the National Ethnographic Museum:

4 p.m. – 5 p.m. – Workshop – weaving, Agnieszka Jackowiak’s and Aneta Cruz-Kąciak’s handicraft lessons inspired by a tale from the play “Nić” (Thread), weaving for children. (educational spaces II-floor)

5 p.m. – 6 p.m. – Workshop “Tangled tales” Agnieszka Kontny’s and musicians Kasia Szurman and Kasia Żytomirska. (educational spaces II-floor)

6 p.m. – Play “Tales out of yarn and word”. Actors: Agnieszka Jackowiak and Aneta Cruz-Kąciak. (cinema hall at the ground floor)

  • Play “Tales out of yarn and word”
    Somewhere nearby a whirling spindle, next to steadily tapping reel, somewhere between colourful threads wrapped on looms, await us the tales. Some tangle up here since forever, others came from faraway places and just appeared among us recently. Those are tales smelling of flax, as soft as wool and as colourful as a meadow. Those are stories, which one can spin, weave, colour and hear. From the first till the last spindle. The common thread of these tales is twine: symbolic – connecting past and present as well as distant cultures and traditions; realistic – flax, wool, spun on spindle and reel, from which weaved are Mexican blouses “huipiles”, Armenian carpets and fairy tale tapestries that have magical power.
    The play was prepared by Agnieszka Jackowiak and Aneta Cruz- Kąciak.

Story-tellers: Agnieszka Aysen Kaim, Agnieszka Jackowiak

Agnieszka Aysen Kaim – orientalist, translator, lecturer and story teller. Chose oriental studies because of her Turkish ancestry. Translates, because it’s the fastest way travel between two cultures. Tells stories and lectures to bring closer the complexity of both cultures, their values, traditions, but also their personal histories. As part of the Group “Studnia O.” implements projects with widely understood oriental topics, especially turkish, persian, reaching towards unknown in Poland epics and traditional tales. Also, personal stories known to poles tied to the orient. She was the author of a tale for children and teens “Bahar znaczy Wiosna” (Poławiacze Pereł, 2014, III prize in the Book of the Year 2016 PS IBBY competition).

Agnieszka Jackowiak – craftswoman, graduate of cultural studies. Deals with artistic education surrounding traditional craftsmanship and folk textiles as well as manufacture of weaved and felt products. In her work makes use of natural resources and refers to ancient textile techniques: weaving, spinning and felting. Tw-time holder of Minister’s of Culture scholarship in the field of folk weaving of the rawski region and traditional felting from Podlasie and Podhale. Runs Shop-lab “Hobby-Wełna”, organises events promoting the craft in Poland, incl. Dzień Tkaczki, Dzień Przędzenia. From the fascination with colours and the colouring process, came the project RGB – Regionalna Grupa Barw (Regional Colours Group). Has been searching polish villages for history of the olden days.

  • Weaving workshop, inspired by the play “Nić” (Thread). During the workshop children will become accustomed with the topic of spinning yarn and weaving as well as natural resources.

During the workshop we will decorate round looms with paint and crayons, creating a landscape with a tree. It will be an extraordinary tree, weaved from colourful thread, with the use of deft fingers of the attentive listeners of tales. We will weave our thoughts about the presences of threads in life in the past and today, in worlds both real and fairy-like.

Duration: 50 min.
Storytelling and conducting the workshop: Agnieszka Jackowiak, Agnieszka Aysen Kaim

  • Workshop “Tangled tales”
Do you know a twine game “Cat’s Cradle” ?
It was very popular just a dozen years ago. In pairs, children could pass threads from hand to hand, entranced by the varied figures forming before their very eyes. Every figure had it’s own name, it’s own story and came in a precise sequence. Twine tales are known in many cultures and are one of the forms of oral tradition. Before the eyes of the listeners, the tale weaves, tangles and untangles. The mind and sensitivity of the listener are challenged by the extraordinary game of imagination – words, gestures, shapes weave together and moments later unravel. With the use of one simple loop a rich world of tales forms.
The workshops are lead by: Agnieszka Kontny, Kasia Szurman and Kasia Żytomirska from the Raz-dwa-trzy Theatre, which presents musical plays and tales for children. Agnieszka will tangle and weave the twine tales and Kasias’ will enrich the event with sounds played on traditional instruments: accordion, rim drum, clay birds, clappers and bells. We shall invite you not only to weave traditional twine figures, but also to create your own. All that is needed is one thread loop and a head full of ideas. Of course, as it always is during Mazurki, we will dance, stomp and clap!

The play and workshops are meant for children at least 7 years old and their parents.
All events require reservations: 22 696 53 80 and

Ticket prices:

Workshop – 30pln child + one guardian free of charge
Play – 20pln child, 20pln adult, each further child 10pln, children under 4 years old free of charge (only the guardian has to pay)
Play with a chosen workshop – 30pln child, 20pln adult
The tickets receive 10% sale with a Large family card and Warsawian Card (we request for the information during reservation or at the register).

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