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Apr 23 2019


13:00 - 16:00


Wstęp wolny

Easter songs for men

Singing gathering – Easter songs for men (Volochebni songs)
Instructors: Maciej Żurek, Marek Szwajkowski

There are a few places in Poland where traces of archaic Spring carols were preserved. In Podlachia that rite is called Volochebni songs and has always been a men’s thing, done usually by bachelors. Volochebni are good tidings carols but in its essence refer to the pre-Christian myth about creation. At the workshop we shall reach to the primary cause of that rite, learn volochebni songs and their technique and see the last Podlachia volochebniks.

Maciej Żurek – bee keeper, singer, violinist, leader of Tratwa Association. Co-creator of Akademia Kolberga program for the revitalisation of traditional village music. Member of Olsztyn-Kraków singers company.

Marek Szwajkowski – Polish musical traditions lover. Member of Tratwa Association and Olsztyn-Kraków singers company, drummer in Kapela Zawiejoków.

Admission is free.
Signing up is not required.

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