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Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe
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Apr 18 2024


12:30 - 14:30

DANCE – The Basics of Polite Dancing

The basics of polite dancing, or how to dance so that everybody has a good time.

Led by Grzegorz Ajdacki, Katarzyna Zedel and Katarzyna Rosik playing
for all interested

It would seem that everyone can dance. All you need is a basic ability to move to the rhythm and… that’s it. In case of Polish traditional dances, the swirling also comes in handy. During the workshop we will try to look at dancing from a different angle – as a form of social behavior within a group. Perhaps then the rhythm and the swirling will be pushed to the background, and the things that went unnoticed before will come to light. It might even turn out that people who avoid dancing are doing better than they expected, while advanced dancers may be inspired to change their attitudes in some (or every) way. Join us and try it yourselves!

The workshop is designed for people with various levels of dancing skills – from negative (those with a negative attitude), through none and elementary, to advanced, or even too advanced (those already bored with the subject).

Instructor Grzegorz Ajdacki promotes traditional dances and regional games for children, youth and adults. He runs classes, events and dance projects across Poland and abroad. He also educates himself, travelling the country and learning from village dancers.

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