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Terminal Kultury Gocław


Terminal Kultury Gocław
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Apr 19 2024


12:30 - 14:30


30/20 zł

SINGING Croatian Living Intangible Heritage

Croatian Living Intangible Heritage: Bećarac and other Croatian Traditional Songs
Led by Marija Gačić and KUD “Tomislav Donji Andrijevci”

The The workshop is designed as an interactive program that will begin with an introductory lecture by ethnologist Marija Gačić on the practices of preserving and passing on cultural heritage such as the Bećarac, which is protected by UNESCO, and the skill of playing the solo vire instrument Tambura Samica. The lecture will introduce the participants to common cultural practices in Croatia through the activities of KUDs (cultural and artistic societies) and festivals dedicated to local culture. In the second part of the workshop, the participants will learn to sing several traditional songs from Slavonia (eastern Croatia) a cappella and accompanied by traditional instruments such as tambura samica, bagpipes, flute and tamburas.

The lecturer and leader of the workshop is ethnologist Marija Gačić, owner of the first private ethnological practice in Croatia. Marija is in the final stages of her doctorate in ethnology and cultural anthropology at the University of Zagreb. She works professionally in rural eastern Croatia through heritage interpretation, education on heritage management, creative workshops with children, production of cultural events, etc. She is particularly interested in intangible cultural heritage and contemporary practices of folk costumes.
The workshop assistents are dancers, singers and players from KUD „Tomislav“ Donji Andrijevci (Slavonia, Croatia)

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