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Terminal Kultury Gocław


Terminal Kultury Gocław
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Apr 18 2024


19:00 - 21:00


Wstęp wolny

CONCERT The Peasants. Boryna’s Wedding

A theatralized music show


Jan Szymańskiego Band (Albinów),
Sławomir Czekalski (Wola Popowa),
Kożuch (Łódź),
Napięcie (Warszawa/Łódź),
Bogusława Drzewiecka (Drzewce),
Joanna Skowrońska (Ozorków),
Joanna Gancarczyk (Ozorków),
Róża Martyna Grabowska (Łódź)

“How might the music have sounded like back in the times of the Łowicz village in Władysław Reymont’s novel The Peasants? Based on our knowledge, experience and archival recordings, we decided to recreate fragments of Boryna’s wedding and illustrate Reymont’s narrative. Can such music, which has been translated into modern language but yet remains faithful to the original sounds, be interesting to an audience today?” – this is the introduction to the album “Chłopi. Wesele Boryny” (The Peasants. Boryna’s Wedding), recently released by Muzyka Zakorzeniona.

The Thursday concert borrows its title from the album. But if will be more than just a live performance of all its pieces. We invite the audiences to become the guests of the young couple at a village wedding ceremony!

It will be a theatralized show presenting traditional music and wedding rites from the Łowicz region, potentially from the surroundings of Lipce Reymontowskie. The guests can accompany the young couple – from the stressful preparations of the bride and the songs illustrating the ritual hair unbraiding and putting on the festive dress, through the riotous dancing parties, to the rite of putting on a married woman’s cap on the bride.

The bands and artists performing during the event are rural masters from the Łowicz region: Sławomir Czekalski with his student, Jeremi Kowalski, Jan Szymański and Bogusława Drzewiecka, as well as a host of young performers who have been studying their music for years and have performed on Muzyka Zakorzeniona’s album – the bands Kożuch and Napięcie, with Róża Grabowska and Joanna Skowrońska.

Concert curator: Patryk Petersson

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