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Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe
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Apr 26 2019


12:00 - 14:00


10 zł

Biskupian songs

Conducted by Anna Chuda, Joanna Szaflik

Workshop for females who’d like to learn songs from Anna Chuda, such as wiwaty, przodki, sibry, równe, and lyrical songs. At the workshop we shall learn some dialect and customs from Biskupizna micro region in Greater Poland.

Anna Chuda is one of the most recognised active traditional artists of the Biskupizna microregion. She is an astounding singer, dancer and storyteller. Since childhood she has taken over from older generations the great amount of knowledge about biskupian customs and several hundred traditional songs, Which she gladly shares with others. She creates scripts for various events, runs workshops and advises on traditional crafts.

Biskupizna is an ethnographic microregion in the south-western part of Greater Poland province, made of 12 villages in the vicinity of Krobia. Its name comes from the Polish word for bishop – biskup, as that area was the domain of Poznań bishops from the Middle Ages until the partitions in late 18th century. Thus the microregion developed separate customs and ethnographic features. The most important manifestations of its cultural heritage are traditional outfits, dialect, instruments, songs, dances and rituals. Cultural traditions of Biskupizna were listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2016.

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