Fundacja Wszystkie Mazurki Świata
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Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe
Podskarbińska 2, Warszawa, Polska


Apr 17 2024


12:30 - 14:30


30/20 zł

VIOLIN Melodies for a good start

led by Maciej Filipczuk
for beginners; you have to have your own instrument

During the workshop, we will learn a few simple melodies in the rhythms of polkas and mazurkas. We will familiarize ourselves with the so-called “first violin position” and the basic scales used in our dance melodies. We will also learn the art of “seconding” – a rhythmical-harmonious accompaniment for polkas and mazurkas.

“I want you to experience the power of traditional music and the joy of collective music-making. Join us.” Maciej Filipczuk

Maciej Filipczuk – violinist, student of the rural master Kazimierz Meto. In his musical search, he focuses on the direct master-student transmission, and explores the secrets of old melodies and performing techniques from Mazovia, as well as Lublin and Kielce regions. He plays dance music in crudo (Tęgie Chłopy, Maciej Filipczuk i Goście Weselni), and is the leader and co-creator of many artistic projects inspired by traditional music (Radical Polish Ansambl, Dżezbandyta).

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