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Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe
Podskarbińska 2, Warszawa, Polska


Apr 24 2019


15:00 - 17:00


10 zł

Violin for beginners

Instructor – Dominika Oczepa

In order to partake in this workshop one does not need to know any techniques of playing the violin – we start from scratch. All one needs to do is bring their own instrument.

The workshop is for all who watch the village violinists play and ask themselves: “How?”, and who, if they lack the courage to ask, leave the old grandfather’s violin up in the attick. This workshop will solve the riddle of what characterises melodies played by Kajoki violinists and what are the basic principles of this seemingly uncouth music. We will base this workshop on the music from the vicinity of Przysucha, especially Przystałowice Małe and Gałki Rusinowskie.

Dominika Oczepa – student of cultural studies, who has been learning violin for four years from Jan Kmita, listening to tales of the past world, musicians, weddings and rites. She is particularly interested in how the music functioned in Polish countryside.

Workshop fees: each entry is 10 PLN. Tickets are available at the festival information desk in the main lobby of Centrum Promocji Kultury, address: Podskarbińska 2

Signing up is not required.

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