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Terminal Kultury Gocław


Terminal Kultury Gocław
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Apr 19 2024


10:00 - 12:00


30/20 zł

DANCE from Slavonia (Croatia)

The leaders of the worskshop are ethnologist Marija Gačić and dance pedagogue Igor Ilić with the assistance of KUD „Tomislav“ Donji Andrijevci (Slavonia, Croatia)

Did you know that Croatian traditional dances are unique and among the few in the world in which the dancers sing while they are dancing? This is especially connected to Slavonia – Eastern part of Croatia.

In this workshop, the participants will learn different types of dances that are accompanied by songs. Some Slavonic dances are officially registered as national cultural heritage and we will present some of those dances. The collective name for Slavonic dances is KOLO, so participants will learn:

-Šetano kolo (walking dance, without instrumental accompaniment)
-Different kolo dances with tambura playing and singing
-Šokačko kolo – special kolo dance that is still today performed during weddings, at the parties and public and private gatherings in Slavonia.

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