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Terminal Kultury Gocław


Terminal Kultury Gocław
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Apr 19 2024


10:00 - 12:00


30/20 zł

SINGING – Łowicz Songs with Bogusława Drzewiecka

Led by Bogusława Drzewiecka and Joanna Skowrońska
for all interested

During the workshop, we will learn wedding and lyrical songs from the Łowicz region, Lipce Reymontowskie district. We will also listen to the stories about the region and its traditions.

Bogusława Drzewiecka – born in 1947 in Drzewce (Łódzkie voivodeship, Lipce Reymontowskie district). She learned to sing as a child while herding sheep and weeding. “These songs were in me, so I had to sing them out to the fields and meadows,” says Bogusława Drzewiecka. She sang at weddings, in the Wesele Boryny band (since 1975), and the Lipconki singing group (since 2003). She is renown in the area for her paper flowers, wreaths, Polish mobiles, altar bouquets, wall flower rods, painting laces, and Easter palms

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