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Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe
Podskarbińska 2, Warszawa, Polska


Jun 24 2022


19:00 - 21:00


45/35 PLN

CONCERT Songs of Summer

Kupala or Sobotka – water or fire? These elements were and still are present in the singing and ceremonial traditions of the summer solstice. The richness of repertoire, dances, processions and rites associated with the Holy Night is immense. Experienced singers from the bands Drewo, Dziczka, Babskyj Kozaczok and Krajka will meet on stage during the concert of Songs of Summer to present this wealth. The audience will hear among others: old ceremonial songs from Ukraine and the Polish-Ukrainian border, and the Polish Saturday and summer repertoire will be performed by Maria Siwiec.

The final concert will introduce the audience and artists to the dance mood thanks to joyful melodies and songs performed by Serhij Okhrimchuk’s Band.

Curators of the concert are:
Tatiana Nakonieczna
Tetiana Sopiłka

Performing artists:
Drewo (Kyiv),
Babskij kozaczok (Kyiv),
Krajka (Przemyśl),
Dziczka (Warsaw)
Maria Siwiec (Gałki near Rusinów)

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