Apr, 2018

The program of the workshops is already announced, we invite you to read it. There are sign ups only for dance workshops. There will be oberek, freestyle, a lot of drum classes, violin masters (Leon Lewandowski, Tadeusz Mocarski). And surprises – historical and national dances – contredance, mazur. This year there will be only two locations of the workshops – Centrum Promocji Kultury Praga Południe and the headquarters of the Sinfonia Varsovia orchestra.

festival regulations

opublikowano: Regulations for participation in artistic events organized by the All Mazurkas of the World Foundation.Valid from 17-21.04.2024. §1 1) These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") contain specific rules for the participation of persons...

10th Instruments Fair

​The 10th edition Instruments Fair (Targowisko Instrumentów) will take place on 25.04.2020. Application form will be open beetween 31.01. 29.02.2020.

Old Tradition

We know the winners of the Old Tradition competition. The competition jury honored 12 bands…

Instrument Fair

You can still send applications to participate in the Instrument Fair.

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