We’re putting off the festival



Mar, 2020

Dear All, we have made a tough but necessary decision to postpone the April edition of Mazurkas of the World. We are doing it with a heavy heart as to us like many of you the Spring festival is an exceptional long-awaited celebration. However under the present threat of epidemic there’s no other way.

We hope that things will calm down in the weeks to come and we will be able to hold the festival even before the Summer holidays or soon after, we are considering various options of the date and form of the next festival. We will keep you posted of course of the developments and proceed in accordance with the recommendations from local and state authorities.

We give thanks to our collaborators and partners for the work they have put in the organisation so far – we hope to go back to it soon.

We wish you good health and swift comeback to the dance floor.
Mazurkas of the World Foundation

10th Instruments Fair

​The 10th edition Instruments Fair (Targowisko Instrumentów) will take place on 25.04.2020. Application form will be open beetween 31.01. 29.02.2020.

Old Tradition

We know the winners of the Old Tradition competition. The competition jury honored 12 bands…

Instrument Fair

You can still send applications to participate in the Instrument Fair.

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